Become a Member of TCSC

The Taylor County Sportsman’s Club (TCSC) has a limited membership of 400 members. Membership fees are due before the annual banquet in March. A membership/banquet letter is sent out in February that is used to develop the new membership list.

There are 3 kinds of memberships: the associate membership, the general membership and a sponsor membership.

The Associate Membership will allow any person, of any age, who has interest in the club, to participate in many of the activities the club sponsors and to receive emails alerting them of upcoming activities they can participate in. It also allows them to attend the monthly meetings. However, the associate membership does not allow them a vote at the monthly meetings, membership on the board, or to attend the annual fund-raising banquet (unless they are 18 or older and attend at the request of and in place of a Member). This annual fee is $25.00.

The general membership includes the invite to the annual banquet, an open invitation to the club’s monthly meetings and an opportunity to be involved as a board member. This annual fee is $125.00.

A sponsor membership includes the same opportunities as the general membership but also includes a special invitation to the fall sponsor’s banquet. This annual fee is $200.00.

There are some members who choose to let their membership expire, creating openings for new members. The TCSC maintains a waiting list for those wanting to become a member. For further information on memberships and the waiting list, please send us an email at or contact the current TCSC president listed in on our board page.