Supporting Wildlife Management, Outdoor Recreation & Education

Taylor County Sportsman’s Club supports outdoor traditions through quality wildlife management, youth education and development of recreational opportunities. Our group meets in Medford, Wisconsin but our funding supports all of Taylor County. Nearly every dollar is spent locally to help youth and outdoors enthusiast’s benefit.

Through numerous hands-on projects, TCSC is helping improve wildlife habitat, provide education and to create more quality recreational opportunities for future sportsmen and women. TCSC works side by side with our state wildlife managers implementing plans and helping them make decisions that will influence wildlife habitat right here in Taylor County, Wisconsin. TCSC works independently and in cooperation with other local sportsman’s groups. Our current habitat improvement focuses include grouse, fish, ducks and songbirds. Our projects will change and expand due to future wildlife habitat needs.

The list of recreational and education projects that TCSC has been involved in over the years are endless. The Pirus Public shooting range, hunter/walker trails, youth expo, ATV safety classes, boating safety classes, and trapper education workshops are a few examples of the recreational opportunities provided by the Club.


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