Board of Directors & Meetings

President: Dan Hirt
President-Elect: Vacant
Treasurer: Jill Behrens
Secretary: Mike Knipfel

Board of Directors: Dan Hirt, Mike Knipfel, Nick Nice, Joel Brost, Mike Riggle, Chip Courtney, Brian Bucki, Jim Bauer, Leon Gustafson, Al Williams, Jeff Thums, Justin Meyer, Jim Nehiba, Jesse Laher, Orin Wegerer, Jamie Wegerer, Randy Gregory, Kurt Haas, Eric Dahlvig.

Monthly Meetings
Our Board Meetings take place on the third Monday of every month in the Medford Cooperative boardroom. The boardroom is located upstairs in County Market; the stairway is entered near the County Market service desk. All members are encouraged to attend!! Meetings generally start at 7pm so check our events calendar.

Annual Meeting

Our Annual Board Meeting takes place on the third Monday of April in the Medford Cooperative boardroom.